Tea Description

Also called birds nest because of its form, each toucha is between 4-5 grams and is the perfect size for one 8 oz mug or small tea pot. As with all pu-erhs this tea just gets better with age. 

Tea Tasting

Rich and woody this tou cha is full bodied with grassy notes and hints of chocolate and chestnuts. The mouthfeel is very silky. Good for mulitple steepings, a great pick me up in the morning. 

approx. 12 servings / 2 oz.
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approx. 24 servings / 4 oz.
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yong nian tuocha

hei cha / dark tea



Yongnian, China

Harvest Date



High caffeine



1 unwrapped piece per 6 oz cup


212° for 2-3 minutes
(longer for each additional steeping)




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