Tea Description

This unique tea leaf is derived from 50 year old organic trees. Due to the ecological friendly environment from the Yiwu Mountain, these iconic tea trees flourish well above 1500 meters of sea level, providing the purest air and sustainability of its natural order. The leaves are beautiful multi-colored and large. 

Tea Tasting

Shui Huang Jin, or water gold, is known for its precious flavors, especially its sweetness and immense lingering abilities. All green or sheng pu-erhs have a unique flavor. For those who have never tried a sheng pu-erh this is a good starting place. Once the palate for it is developed all the nuances will begin to be appreciated. 

Tea Package

This sheng, or raw, uncooked green pu-erh will only get better with aging. Store away from moisture and keep cool for many years of enjoyment. 

approx. 100 servings / 357 g
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shui huang jin

hei cha / dark tea



Fujian, Yiwu, China

Harvest Date



High caffeine



1g per 2 oz of water, 3g per 6 oz cup (1-2 tbsp)


212° fo 1-2 minutes
(longer for each additional steeping)




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