Tea Description

Produced from Fengqing large leaf tree, 100-200 years old, on April 8, 2015. It is exquisitely made with fine leaves and has glossy brown surface and golden tips visible on the top and bottom of the tea cake body.

Tea Tasting

Yielding a bright deep red liquor with soft and smooth mouthfeel and mellow taste. Since it is harvested in early spring days, this tea is high in phytochemicals which helps digestion and remove greasy feeling.

Tea Package

Noted for its high proportion of golden buds used in each cake, Golden Buds Ripened Pu-erh Cake Tea has high appreciation and collection value.

approx. 100 servings / 357 g
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fengqing golden buds ripened

hei cha / dark tea



Fengqing, Lincang, Yunnan China

Harvest Date 



High caffeine



1g per 2 oz of water, 3g per 6 oz cup (1-2 tbsp)


212° for 2-3 minutes
(longer for each additional steeping)




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