This loose leaf puerh tea has been dried in a tangerine from Xin Hui. Each chen pi is very aromatic and is approx. 4-5 cm in diameter. Each contains 13-15 grams of tea. Adding some of the peel to the steeping will enhance the citris flavour. 

Each tangerine is individually wrapped. It is said that the chen pi, tangerine peel, helps cure and alleviate allergy symptoms, nausea and cough.  ​

Enjoy the fresh tangerine aroma and slight bitter taste after rinsing the tea proir to the first steeping. Pour boiling water over the leaves and discard the liquid. Steep the 1st steeping for 1 min. add more time for each additional steeping. 

approx. 2 units / 2 oz.
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approx. 4 units / 4 oz.
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chen pi puerh

hei cha / dark tea



Yunnan and Xin Hui, China





1 heaping tsp. per 6 oz cup


212° for 1 minute 1st steeping, 2 -3 min. 2nd steeping, 5 min. 3rd or more steepings



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