Tea Description

The highes grade Dian Hong, Yunann Pure Gold is made from the golden tips of the tea plant, which are usually covered in fine downs. The beautiful curly, dried leaves are deep golden yellow, oranges and browns.

Tea Tasting

Rich and mellow, Yunann Pure Gold is sophisticated without being overly complex. With a lucious, gentle aroma and a sweet, slightly floral taste with a clean finish, this is a wonderful tea for sipping.

approx. 8 servings / 1 oz.
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approx. 16 servings / 2 oz.
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yunnan pure gold

red / black tea



Yunnan, China

Harvest Date

April 2018


High caffeine



1 tsp tea leaves per 6 oz cup 


212° for 2 - 3 minutes
(longer for each additional steeping)



By Audra Yoder on February 04, 2015

A golden Yunnan to knock your socks off. This is a full-bodied tea with notes of caramel. Retains excellent, though somewhat mellowed, flavor on second steeping. For a similarly rich tea that’s not quite as intense, try Zakti’s Dian Hong.

Rating: 54321


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