Tea Description

One of the finest Assam Estate Teas, this 2nd flush tippy tea is full bodied with a honey like aroma.

Tea Tasting

With a dark amber liqour, Mangalam's Estate Superb Tippy Assam yields a full-bodied malt and fruit flavor with slightly spice notes. Perfect for breakfast or afternoon tea, goes well with honey and milk.

approx. 15 servings / 2 oz.
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approx. 30 servings / 4 oz.
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mangalam estate superb tippy assam

red / black tea



Assam, India

Harvest Date

June 2018


High caffeine



1 tsp tea leaves per 6 oz cup


212° for 2-3 minutes 



By Audra Yoder on February 04, 2015

This is a very nice Assam, relatively mellow in its flavor. Honey aroma is definitely present, as in the description. I would like to taste just a little more of that maltiness I look for in an Assam. But this is a very nice tea.

Rating: 43211


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