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4 variety tea tasting


We've gathered some of our favorite teas and a beautiful glass tea pot with strainer into a basket that everyone can enjoy. This special selection of fine, small-estate teas includes Organic White Peony, also known as Bai Mu Dan, consisting of the tea bud and the first leaf. The Bai Mu Dan's slight oxidation process creates a  tea that is softer and less grassy than typical whites. The Bi Lu Chun, green tea, has a sweet, slightly grassy flavor with mellow hints of vanilla. Our organic GABA oolong is slightly roasted, creating a tea with slightly vanilla and floral notes. This soothing oolong has a smooth and clean finish. Rounding out the basket is a the highest grade Dian Hong, Yunann Pure Gold black tea, made from the golden tips of the plant, which are usually covered in fine downs. The beautiful curly, dried leaves are deep golden yellow, oranges with browns.




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