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zakti and Sustainability

There are many environmental factors that we consider when sourcing tea, including: Do our suppliers share our core principles of sustainability and fair business practices? How are the growers treating their pickers and the other people that help to grow and harvest the tea? Are organic and/or sustainable growing practices being used, which leaves the soil nutrient and microbe rich? How can we best consolidate shipments to reduce our carbon footprint?

We are continually looking at how we can make our business practice, on every level, more sustainable. The initial ideas that helped to shape zakti included conversations about creating a business based in consciousness, ensuring fair profits and fair prices, and creating sustainable practices throughout every aspect of the business, including design.
Working closely with NYC based design firm, World Studio, we took great care in choosing our packaging. Our first priority was to have a package that was made of re-cycled paper and could be re-used or re-cycled again. The telescope tube met both of these principles and we really liked how it felt when we held in in our hands. Thanks to the creative design work of World Studio we also have a package that looks good on your countertop and is also a great gift.  Strong, the tubes ship well and can also be up-cycled. Bookends anyone?