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New Teas for Fall

zakti is featuring new and additional teas this fall. The first group, which has been added to our shop, includes:  an organic Tai Ping Hou Kui, a Yunnan Black,  a Yunnan Pure Gold, a Yixing Souchong, a Mangalam Estate Suberb Tippy Assam, an Avon Grove an Estate Organic Darjeeling, Aged Pu-erh discs and  for those mellow autumn nights a luscious Lemon Camomile tisane. The organic Tai Ping Hou Kui is one of the rarest of the Chinese green teas. Sourced from three tea farms around the Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) range in Anhui province, the area has mineral rich soil, dense fog, and limited sunlight. Conditions that produce teas rich in amino acids.

The growing and picking of Hou-Kui green tea follows strict regulations. The tea leaves must face north on the mountain and the branches of the individual plant must be thick, which not only impacts the flavor but contributes to the sustainability of the harvest. Plucked early in the morning, the tea leaves  are pan fried and then heated three times. The result is a gorgeous tea with bright, elongated leaves that contain a spectrum of greens and on the edges hints of yellow to brown.

The flavor is delicate, fresh  with sweet undertones and floral notes. This is a perfect tea to serve before dinner or when getting together with family and friends. It is a tea that inspires conversation, promotes tranquility and simply, is pure joy.

Image: Mount Huangshan, courtesy Wikipedia