Tea is inspiration

The culture of tea begins in the farms and estates where tea is grown. Each farmer or plantation manager brings his own individual methodology to the planting, cultivating and harvesting of fine teas much as an artist uses a variety of materials and colors to create a extraordinary finished piece. The geography of each tea growing region reveal unique characteristics that influence the quality of the different teas they produce. Like a fine wine, every batch of tea is dependent on the climate, soil and processing for it’s special character.

From Ceylon tea in Sri Lanka to green tea in Japan, from pu-erh tea in China to mint tea in Morocco, tea has a rich history of ritual and meaning. Throughout the world the preparation, steeping and drinking of tea differs from culture to culture and region to region. Tibetan Buddhist monks drink tea for clarity and alertness in meditation. In Sri Lanka teas from different regions are drunk at specific times of day. Bed tea, morning tea, and afternoon tea each have different characteristics. The rituals that are a part of the Japanese tea ceremony are intended to extend qualities such as harmony, beauty and simplicity into everyday life.

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