The story of zakti

In the Sanskrit language zakti translates to positive energy.

Positive energy, along with gratitude, compassion and sharing are the core principles of our company. zakti whole-heartily engages in all of our professional activities, respecting the needs of our partners, customers and planet. We donate time, ideas, and a part of our profits to the communities where we work, live and do business. We take great care in selecting sustainable and ethically grown and harvested teas that are among the finest in the world.


zakti sources tea from small, family owned farms and larger plantations growing exceptional, specialty teas. In addition to providing distinctive teas, zakti also offers training in tea preparation and service for restaurants, coffee houses and hotels.


Tea has a rich and varied history throughout the world. The diverse traditions around tea, the tea ceremony and other gestures connected to serving and drinking tea all convey harmony, friendship and community. It is this experience that we endeavor to bring to you through zakti, the culture of tea.